Shopping has always been on top of most women’s to-do lists (well, and some men too!). But while it has become a more ‘conventional wisdom’ that women love everything that exudes beauty and elegance, here’s a more generational point of view of today’s digital age: Filipino women today use online shopping to de-stress and reward themselves.

Profile of a Filipino online shopper

FACT: In a virtual marketplace, a gorgeous dress and a bottle of skin moisturizer sell every 3 minutes; a handbag and a pair of earrings and necklaces are put inside an online shopping cart every 5 minutes; and a unit of the latest mobile device welcomes its new owner every 10 minutes.[1]

And here’s a confession from Lorraine de Guzman, a 25-year-old netrepreneur who admitted that she’s one of the many Filipino women who have discovered the joy of online shopping. Like her, most online shoppers have been increasingly moving from crowded stores and intricately designed boutiques in malls to the one-click virtual platform known as online shopping. In fact, Filipino women account for 3 out of every 5 active online shoppers, according to a recent study[2], which also claims that 74% of all virtual shoppers in the Philippines purchase lifestyle items—such as shoes, bags, and dresses—via the Internet.

As tech-savvy individuals who are constantly on their laptops and computers at home or in the workplace, most Filipinos today have now turned to the unrivalled convenience of the Internet when it comes to buying their fashion must-haves and other lifestyle items. More and more people have been turning to online shopping with the proliferation of group-buying sites, online travel bookings, and downloadable software and apps, among others. But while  online shoppers today have grown tremendously in number, there are still more Filipinos who do not do so because they do not have a credit card or they are concerned with the security risks of transacting online.

So the question now stands: What does it take to satisfy the legions of Filipino women who shop and want great deals online? The answer: 3.5-inch cards and tons of shopping deals from the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). But what does it look like? Find out on the next post!

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