If you are wondering how you can better extend your social reach with your existing Facebook Fan page, you may have thought about sending a mass message to everyone (like promoting a website). It may be beneficial for some active fan pages to use that option as an amplifier for exiting promos or drive audience to the main website bu as of September 30th you’ll no longer be able to send an update to fans using Facebook Messages. The Facebook Team want administrators of their own fan pages to connect with their audience in the most effective ways possible, and updates that go to Facebook Messages may end up unseen in the “Other” folder.

What is the “Other” subfolder under my main Messages folder?

The ‘Other’ folder actually contains messages sent to mailing lists and broad distribution groups, along with messages from people who aren’t friends or friends of friends.

If you see a message under ‘Other’ that you’d like to move to your main messages view, simply open the message and select “Move to Messages” from the Actions drop-down menu and voila! But if you ever want to move a message from your main messages view to your Other folder, your Actions menu will feature a “Move to Other” option.

Anyway, if you are managing a Fan Page on Facebook, here are other ways you can expand your reach:

Post content on your fan page Wall so people see your updates in their news feed. You can also target your posts by location or language by choosing ‘Customize’ from the audience selector dropdown before you post.
But if given a budget, you may want to consider using targeted Facebook Ads or Sponsored Stories to help grow and highlight your message within the Facebook experience.

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