The competition between Facebook  and Twitter is really getting tighter and tighter. Just today, I stumbled upon KLM’s Facebook page and saw they have a verified checkmark very similar to Twitter.

KLM Verified Facebook Page


The social media giant launched verified pages and profiles, adding a blue and white check mark symbol to the pages of celebrities, popular people and businesses last Wednesday. It wasn’t their first attempt to launch the verified account badge. Remember, in 2012, Facebook launched a verified account service but it was for a different purpose. That service was only offered to public figures and gave people more prominent placement in the “people to subscribe to” section.

KLM Verified Facebook Page - Actual


How important is it to have a verified account? Why should your brand have it? 

It is important because it allows people that they are interacting to the right person/brand. If you have it, you’re making your customers/followers feel comfortable sharing personal information including their feedback because they know they are interacting to the right page.



Who has a verified account on Facebook so far?

Since it was just recently launched, some of the brands who were able to get a verified account badge were the following:


Coca Cola







and a lot more! Justin Timberlake, Bieber, Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Ryan Seacrest, Rafael Nadal were some of the few US celebrities we’ve bumped in to who already have their account verified. I am sure there are a lot more celebrities who has that badge now and most definitely, it will start with US brands and celebrities first before looking to local or international brands.


How can have my account on Facebook get verified?

Like Twitter, Facebook doesn’t accept any request for account verification yet unfortunately. You just have to wait for your account to get verified so make sure you keep a good engagement to attract them and make your account verified.


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