Recently, it was reported that about 200 managers of Samsung returned their first half bonuses (about USD 2.3M total) as part of showing they are held accountable of the brands sales and would like to take responsibility before they can deserve any benefits such as their bonuses.

It’s such a sweet gesture, but I don’t think these managers should be fully accountable with the current brand situation. Also, I don’t think it’s just the competitors that’s pulling Samsung’s sales. Major part of it can also be attributed to Class A devices carrying their name being blatantly sold in the market without any caution. Who would want to buy a pricey phone when after a few months, you can no longer predict its market value because the brand have release new ones. Also, it has something to with design innovation. When a product is made of plastic, even if you call it marble, it will always be in the priority list of “to-be-imitated” products. Who would want to buy an expensive phone when it also looks similar with their low-end phones?

Samsung must also learn from Nokia’s experience–if you keep on releasing countless of types of devices, you will lose the interest of the public, because the value of their “just bought” device depreciates way faster than expected and no one would want that.

In my opinion, that’s also what separates Apple from any other brands. Popularity should not equate to the number of types you have in the market because if Samsung will continue to do their current marketing strategy, they are just not giving the consumers a time to appreciate what’s currently out in the market.

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