Setting emotions aside, I would understand why most European countries refuse to accept these migrants from Syria. First, it will destroy the current peace and order present in their country. Consider this, what if there’s a fight happening between two families in the town next to yours and in the middle of the night you woke up because someone you do not know is trying to get into your home. Will you welcome them and offer your bed or will you call the police because someone is trying to cause concerns on safety in your own territory? If that seems to be a too personal analysis, let’s say the Chinese or the Russians had a conflict with their government and they decided to migrate somewhere and they chose your country. How would you feel? Secondly, assuming they have been given permission to stay, do you think that will resolve the problem these migrants are facing? And seriously, Europe? What about their shelter for the next few days? weeks? months? years? Where will they stay? How about their food? clothing? How will they get a job? How about the language barrier? Can they compete with the current locals who themselves are also facing issues with employment? With only a few items in their bags, how do you think can they survive winter? I am not generalizing, but I am sure most of them will just live on the streets. The sound of France or Italy or even Spain will make you want to go there, but once you encounter these people (who started as [illegal] migrants) who will scare and force you to buy their friendship bracelet or souvenirs or else they’ll keep on following you, you will understand why the government is trying to be protective of their country. And when they are already desperate to survive the standards of living from the country they chose, what do you think they will do?

Most of us, including myself tend to overreact online because even before reading an article and analyzing the scenario ourselves, we already come up with a conclusion on how we should react based on images or reaction of others. How one reacts often tend to be the reaction of others (your circle of friends). Those who chose not to react are either those who wasn’t able to read it, who considers it as none of their business, or those who disagree with the thought and just chose to be silent because they’ll be misinterpreted and be called an arrogant.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to be a badass here or play like someone who knows better. But everything requires planning. It’s more than just letting them into their land. It entails a huge amount of responsibility so they will not cause a commotion, worse, bring further damage to the economic situation (think about Greece). And let’s not get out of focus here. The ultimate goal here is to resolve the current conflict in Syria so everyone can live with peace, order, and safety, especially in their home country.

Nevertheless, I am happy for those who have been welcomed already and I am praying for their safety. I really hope that political conflicts like what Syria is facing will end soon.



If you are to comment between how they should be called, whether a refugee or a migrant, I hope this link can enlighten you.

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