I really do not know where my country wants to head. Sure, as a traveler, renewing my passport every after 10 years instead of the original 5 years, and my driver’s license from 3 years to 5 years obviously display convenience and savings, it also makes me want to ask as a concerned citizen how in the world are we (the government) going to make up for the profit losses because of these policy changes? This clearly reduces the government’s income to almost half every time your travel identification is now up for renewal, which could all be used in paying our debts and reducing the amount of money we’ll borrow. SSS pension for senior citizens have been increased, travel tax exemption will also be implemented under certain conditions for OFWs, and now the medal of Valor to be given to the other 42 fallen police commandos. They all concern me as an individual citizen. Where are we going to get all those money so we can implement these benefits? How are we going to our debts, including the recently borrowed money from China in form of “investment” and credit facilities? Do I need to get a degree in economics to understand gains and losses? Am I just really out of my mind to see the need to question an already-benefit for everyone? We might not feel the effect now, but in the years to come, we will all cry foul for this mistake. Sure, applaud the new president all you want and bash the previous administration because you feel like the new one is doing his job to benefit the Filipino people and the previous one was too slow and stupid to grant these benefits you think the Filipinos deserve. But when we all dip to the bottom, it will still be the 90% of the Filipino people who will end up as major losers. We all know the root cause of the problem but we just seem to ignore it, and instead, focus areas where we’ll instantly feel gratified. Not because you don’t feel it now doesn’t mean the government is not doing his job. The problems we’re facing today cannot be resolved with just one presidency alone. It is also our moral duty as a citizen to flag whoever and whenever there are actions being taken that will later destroy or pose a threat to our already-progressing economy.  
And yes, the next time you tell me to shut up because I’m hurting the feelings of pro admins, please have the decency to reflect again on your actions especially in social media and how you disrespect those who oppose with what you believe in, including those who have decided not to comment on any political issues. Come on. I’m sure you can all do better than what you’re doing now.

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