Articles by: Aaron James

Resorts World Experience

I never imagined myself placing bets in casino games not until I got an invitation from Mommy Sire. Her first question to me was this, “How old are you anak (son)?” When I told her that I’m 21, she said that she’ll let me join one of the events for bloggers […]

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Temporary Madness

I hate the state I’m going through now. I am not happy anymore. I know it’s my fault that I expected too much with my career that something good is gonna happen to me after getting a degree. I thought that I can start to fulfill my promises. I thought […]

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And this is my story…

It’s been a while since I last blogged about my personal life. There are several reasons I went on hiatus. I was not motivated anymore because I kept my personal blog private. Yes, I was able to release the tensions but I never got any support because I’ve never shared […]

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