Going on my fifth year with Binary Digital and I’ve never been happier. Never really thought I’d last this long because it was a totally different feeling during my first few months because I feel like I don’t fit in, the culture was completely different from what I was used to. Contrary to what many believe, I don’t own the company. I just learned to love and protect it as if it’s my own. May not be the same story you’ll hear from everyone who became part of the company but I’m sure there are a lot of good ones.

And looking at how the agency was and where it is now, I can’t help but somehow feel accomplished. Never imagined I will be capable of achieving something this big and learn things I never thought I will. It’s always been a roller coaster ride and at times emotionally exhausting and I had to ask myself if I really am the right person for the position, but when I look at how it changed me as a person and how it gave deeper meaning to my leadership, you always know that it’s worth it. The way you communicate, approach, and coach people will always be different from one another. There’s no exact formula but it really has to be genuine. I will never be perfect or be the best leader my team could have, but I always believe that I can try to be a good example and be that person they can aspire to be when they become leaders too.

With Binary, I have so many things to be thankful for. I’ve got a very supportive boss who’ll always lend an ear and give a sound advice. Always reasonable and will take time to listen to both sides of the stories. Not that I’ve done it or I’ve thought about it, but he also taught me the importance of not burning bridges and learning to trust people so you can delegate more effectively. I’ve got a super amazing team who’ll always be there to back you up, would be willing to give extra hours to ensure we get to deliver what we’ve committed. Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn. That’s life. That’s business. I’ve also learned that life (personal and professional) isn’t always about winning. It will be hard to live a life competing with others and to yourself all the time. Learn to pause and appreciate the moment, give someone a pat on the back, and ask them how things are going. That can really help make someone’s day. From being a hot-tempered guy, I can proudly say that I became more patient too. Been helpful in managing people and the way you look at challenges and failures as they come.

Also thankful with our Clients who also became our friends along the way. I honestly have not dealt with a difficult client in a long while because mostly everyone is very easy to work with and would also look up to you as an expert in the field and will also take time to listen to what you have to say. Some of them have been with us since we gave birth to Binary and the partnership is something that I always appreciate. The regard for each other is something that will have no price and something I will always value. So happy Valentine’s day, everyone!

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