This thought actually came up after reading an essay from the former president Gloria Arroyo posted in Rappler. Things that I actually read these days are topics I never thought I would be interested until after few years after graduation. Anyway, I am not an economist, but the ability to manage a team taught me that when you take the position of an old fella, you reap BOTH successes and failures, which will BOTH be imminent in the first few years of your leadership. The learning here is being the person who can see the biggest picture of the [country's] situation, we can see the strategies that work, which we can improve better. Same goes with those resulting to losses, which we must abandon.

This job that I have is way too far from politics and will never be close enough. But as a marketer, I am proud that to share that at least we share the same vision, that when we successfully acquire a client, the goal has always been to keep them from growing their success.

I was watching an old episode of an ad series, and somehow, I was able to relate when the lead actor said, “marketing is the ability to out stand others, not the ability to fit in,” which I think applies to the real everyday situations that we face–at school, work, job application, etc.

The ability to command and influence others is both a skill and a talent that require practice to make it an unconscious habit. If you want to be just another mediocre, fit in. But if you want to be somebody, you need learn to outsmart others, at least in a positive way without stepping on anyone.




Manila floods

That’s the article I was reading when I came up with this post. Most of the time, our president can be really crazy. Hello? You are the fucking president of the Philippines. You rule the country and you are there to decide what’s best for everyone, not what’s best for a certain group alone. You keep passing the blame. When you take a leadership position, don’t expect everything to be perfect. Take full accountability and do something about it. I know it won’t take one presidency to resolve the issues our country is facing. And if ever you still get the chance to lay out the problems of the Philippines, might as well share with us what you did to resolve them.

One of the many things I’ve learned from my previous employer was to make it a point that we become part of the solution and not of the problem. This goes when raising a concern; you just don’t raise a problem that everyone is well aware of. Offer to provide a resolution that everyone can agree on based on consensus and what’s best to safeguard the general public.

We pay our taxes on time, we pay an additional VAT for everything that we purchase, and even though it’s ripping our wallets like hell, it’s a reality that we have to face, especially us regular “employees” who pay the exact amount without being able to manipulate the figures. Hope you realize that as well.

Sometimes, I ask myself if we really need a smart president or just someone who can empower the spirits of everyone because it looks to me that the economic impression the Philippines is getting all over the world was because of our high hopes to the government that allow us to unite as one.